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Turn On the Fun With The Screaming O!

The Screaming O is the award-winning adult product designer behind some of the most popular sex toys on the market, successfully enhancing romantic relationships since 2005. The Screaming O products are easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials consumers can trust at prices they can afford – because everyone deserves body-safe materials and quality construction.

Committed to consumer trust, The Screaming O tests its products with an independent lab to confirm that all materials are non-toxic and body-safe and clearly labels every package to assure shoppers know exactly what they’re buying.

What started out over a decade ago as a simple sex toy concept has become a way of life for people around the world to enjoy better, more satisfying sex while building intimacy and communication.

The Screaming O now offers a full award-winning product line with clever names that play on the “O” theme, including mini vibes and intimate accessories that make if fun and easy to introduce sex toys into any sex life. Our products have caught the eyes of folks at Women’s Health, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, CBS’s The Doctors and countless other popular news media.

Proudly promoting a sex-positive message with a modern approach, The Screaming O helps reinvent the way men and women have sex – and have fun doing it!

Elevate Your Pleasure with Screaming O Sex Toys

Embark on an electrifying journey of pleasure with the Screaming O adult toys shop, a brand that has been enhancing romantic experiences since 2005. Here at Adult Naughty Store, we're excited to present the Screaming O collection to you — a selection of products designed to electrify your intimate experiences. With their focus on delight and straightforward use, Screaming O sex toys are perfect for anyone looking to breathe new life into their romantic moments.

For Solo Adventures or Partner Play

Whether you're flying solo or navigating the seas of pleasure with a partner, Screaming O has the perfect companion for your erotic explorations. From the intense clitoral stimulation of the Charged Ohare to the enduring pleasure of the RingO erection rings, these toys are designed to maximize your pleasure and enhance your performance.

Innovative Design Meets Intense Satisfaction

Screaming O's innovative approach to design is evident in every product. The Charged series, with its rechargeable convenience and potent vibrations, offers endless pleasure at your fingertips. The unique shapes and functionalities are crafted to hit all the right spots, ensuring that your journey to climax is as thrilling as it is satisfying.

Your Pleasure, Our Passion

At Adult Naughty Store, we're passionate about your pleasure. That's why we've curated a collection of Screaming O sex toys that are sure to tantalize and tease.

Ready to Explore Screaming O?

Dive into our Screaming O collection and discover the toy that will take your pleasure to the next level. With a variety of options to choose from, your next orgasmic adventure is just a click away. Experience the Screaming O difference today and transform your erotic journey.