Anal Beads


Dragonz Tale Beads

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Stainless Steel Anal Egg

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Three Ben Wa Balls Anal Beads

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Metal Thai Beads Stick

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Steel Anal Balls with Cord

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Steel Thai Beads

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Thruster Anal Probe in Steel

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Vivant Pleasure Beads

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Ride-a-Delight Anal Beads

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The 9's S-Double Header

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Tantalising anal beads for sale

A full-bodied sex toy collection promises unforgettavly rich encounters. Anal beads are just one of the many tantalising toys that we stock for your enjoyment - and, as you will find, our range isn’t like any other. 

We source our products with an experienced eye that ensures ecstasy is reached through play. Touch, texture, pressure, and design are all part of the orgasmic equation in our mind, and we bring  capture them in each component of our anal beads. 

You’ll feel the difference of silky silicone, glass, and top-tier body safe materials rub all the right places when you put these toys to use. Explore with full freedom and unleash your most intense, delightful explosions to date!


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