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Silky masturbators for your manhood

Need something more than your own body will give you? This collection will whet your appetite, and leave you fully sated.

From simple silky sleeves to intoxicating lifelike visuals and sensations, we’ve got everything you need to induce solo pleasure. No matter whether you close your eyes and imagine that special someone or keep your eyes open, fixed on a moulding of the female anatomy, the experience will transport you to mind-blowing places. The best part is, you control how long the session lasts

Get your personal piece today and let all the naughty things locked up in your imagination come out to play.

Men’s masturbators are great gifts for when you’re not there

Sometimes, distance can tear you apart. We aim to provide creative ways to make sure that doesn’t happen so that your partner is sated even when you’re not there.

What better way to do that than to gift a sex toy that’ll make him think of you every time he uses it? The memories of your time together will charge the experience and take it far beyond just him and his hand. What’s more, it might just be an incentive to keep infidelity at bay. We know a thing or two about keeping up a healthy sex life ;)

Like with all gifts, it’s the intention that counts. Whether you’re going away or coming up to your 10th anniversary, the pumps, pussies, and fleshlights we’ve got in store are sure to keep him satisfied, without ever taking your place

Show your man that you want to satisfy him with a sexy surprise, wherever you are. We ship all across Australia in plain boxes, so you can confidently shop without risking having any surprises spoiled.

Buy masturbation toys online, anywhere in Australia

We work hard to keep the passion alive and thriving across Australia. Scouring the sex toy markets for unique creations is something we put our all into – and your bliss is our reward.

When you buy an item from Adult Naughty Store, you know you’re buying quality. Whether it’s machine-made or one of our exquisite handcrafted creations, these pieces will bring you beyond the brink of ecstasy for years to come. In turn, you might just enhance your natural abilities in the bedroom and become a better lover.

Elevate solo play today and see what our delightful designs take you.