Bamboo Bullet Noir Gold

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OMGee Spot Vibe Purple

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High-frequency sensations are bound to end in ecstasy when they’re sourced from Australia’s Adult Naughty Store. The range we curate is unlike any other, tested for quality, performance, and originality - which your mind and body crave. No matter how many toys you’ve already tried, our specially selected range will get your heart rate and nervous system spiking with pleasure like never before.

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Treat yourself to something out of the ordinary and reach new climactic heights under the caress of a gorgeous, powerful toy.


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Sex is exciting. Unpredictability, allure, seduction and sensation all mix as one and end in a blazing explosion of bliss. Especially when our unique toys are in the picture.


We go above and beyond to source top-tier quality products that you won’t see elsewhere. The one-of-a-kind pieces in our selection are full of creativity - a component of great sex - and help you transcend the physical, finding escape in white-hot bliss.

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Read each product description carefully and see what these pieces have on offer - you’ll find it’s much more than what you’ve seen before.


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In the age of online shopping, everything is accessible. The question is: will buying sex toys online leave a trail on your online history?

We can happily say: not with us. We take care to keep your intimate life screened from view, so you can fully relax and express your wildest desires. Mystery heightens allure, after all.

From the moment you choose a new addition for your collection to the moment when a disguised package reaches your door, your secret is safe with us. After that, it’s your call on who you choose to share it with!

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