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Doxy – the world’s most powerful wall plug massagers.

The Doxy massager is renowned worldwide as the safest, strongest and highest quality personal massager on the market. It is the dedication to this level of quality which has made them not only one of the most popular.  But also one of the most respected massagers available.

Doxy began manufacture in 2013 from their manufacturing base in Cornwall UK. This control over-engineering and manufacturing allows them to maintain the highest standard in quality, reliability, and safety.  Without this level of control, you could not trust in getting a product of such a high standard with a strong level of expectations that go along with that.  You can trust their product to deliver on your expectations.

The original Doxy Massager has always been a favorite with everyone,  followed by their Die-Cast Metal massager adding a level of elegance and sophistication to the bedroom.  The release of the Doxy #3 completes the trio with a smaller and an easily handled massager.  The #3 still has all the power along with a Die-Cast metal body in Brushed Aluminum.

This brand has won 3 ETO awards.  This includes Best New Female Product for the Die-Cast Metal model.

Unleash the Power of Doxy Massager Australia

Doxy massagers have taken Australia by storm, offering a level of power that's unmatched in the realm of personal pleasure devices. Known for their strength and quality, Doxy products, available at the Adult Naughty Store, are the go-to for those who seek relentless and profound vibrations.

The Doxy Collection: Your Ultimate Pleasure Partner

Buy Doxy Wand Online for Unmatched Sensations

The Doxy Wand, a cornerstone of the Doxy collection, is revered for its deep, rumbly vibrations that can be felt at the core. Now, you can buy the Doxy wand online in Australia, ensuring that the ultimate tool for relaxation and release is never out of reach. 

Why Choose Doxy?

Doxy Powerful Wand Australia: A Force to be Reckoned With

In the land down under, the Doxy powerful wand stands as a testament to what adult toys should deliver—unrelenting power, quality construction, and reliability. It's easy to see why those who are clued up about their pleasure products consider Doxy a go-to brand in Australia.

Doxy Clitoral Stimulator: Precision and Pleasure Combined

The Doxy clitoral stimulator is designed to target the most sensitive areas with pinpoint accuracy. This toy is perfect for those who desire focused stimulation that drives straight to the point of ecstasy.

Experience the Doxy Difference

Doxy Adult Toys Shop: A Haven of High-Quality Pleasure

The Doxy Adult Toys Collection at the Adult Naughty Store is more than just a retail space; it's a curated experience for the discerning pleasure seeker. Each Doxy product is a promise of unparalleled satisfaction, backed by a commitment to excellence. 

With the Adult Naughty Store's selection of Doxy massagers, Australians have access to a range of products that promise to elevate their intimate moments. Whether you're seeking the deep rumble of the Doxy wand or the discreet delight of the clitoral stimulator, your journey towards intense pleasure starts here.