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We started this passion project with a desire to make sex toys that would blow people’s minds and make pleasure better for everyone. Tired of the lack of imagination in the sex toy industry, we took on the task of reinventing it.

In 2013, we were two best friends, on a mission to break down stigma and change the way people perceive and experience sex toys. We didn’t follow the rule book, in fact, we didn’t even read it.

And we passionately believe it’s our rebellious imagination that has led us to where we are today. Still two best friends. But now with an award-winning sex toy company that helps thousands of people find a pleasure they never thought possible.

Our Manifesto
We’re Hot Octopuss, the people who design innovative, cutting-edge sex toys that not only look gorgeous but also work with your body. We believe pleasure is a fundamental right for everyone.

And that’s why we’ve taken sex toys back to the drawing board, to develop them using real people, some serious science, and dare we say, ingenious designs.

We create unique toys that celebrate everybody. So whether you’re cis, trans, non-binary, have limited mobility, or are older, you’ll find a Hot Octopus's sex toy that’s perfect for you.