Anal Balls

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Anal beads for bedroom bliss

Looking for ways to spice things up and increase sensitivity in the bedroom? We have just the toys for you.

Imagine the gentle sensation of anal beads and balls adding volume to your body, increasing sensitivity, and heightening orgasms. They may be small, but their impact isn’t – so don’t underestimate these pleasure products!

Each silicone sphere is designed to rub against the walls of the backdoor passage, creating friction in the lead-up to climax. Every little movement results in amplified pleasure, edging you closer and closer towards an explosive release.

There are endless ways to use these sex toys during play. A couple of fun ideas are to tug on the exposed loops during play or just leave them to do their thing as the session goes on. Use your imagination and add extra spice into your life – there’s no end to what you can do with our premium products for fun.

Anal balls are great for beginners

If you’re new to butt play, starting with balls can be a great way to introduce sensation. With their help, you can work your way up to dildos and powerful anal vibrators that end in satisfying sessions, alone or with your partner.

Gentle stimulation enhances pleasure from any erotic zone, but never quite overpowers it. As spasms travel through your most sensitive areas, your glutes will clench in response, sending a jolt of moan-worthy sensation through you.

All you have to do to experience this bliss is to lube up and slowly insert the toy, a little at a time. Guided by your fingertips, the flexible, silky silicone slides in smoothly and stays in place until you choose to end the session. At that moment, a simple pull of the silicone loop ejects it, at which point you can clean with soap and water or a toy cleaner.

A preparatory clean with one of our anal enemas or douches keeps post-play cleaning to a minimum.

Experience mind-blowing blended orgasms

While there's no end to the ways you can use our silicone beads and balls, there’s one particular trick that we think you’ll love.

Once you’re lubed up and have inserted the toy, leave it to rub against the passage walls during sex. As you or your partner get closer to climax, start to toy with it. When you feel the big O about to flood through you, slowly pull the toy out. Intense pleasure will course through your body, blending the sensations to form one amplified explosion that goes on and on. Try it for yourself and you’ll never go back.